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Nothing gets lost

Where there's a full stop, there's a new beginning..Things are lost, only in mind not existentially..That's why there is no specific time to get started..It's up to us how much time do we take to set our mind right..It's all well and good that one can start immediately but what if someone takes time?..That's even better..cause in the process one becomes well versed in high end usage of life..

Either do it or don't crib

When self pity creeps in..we tend to bosom it..It comforts and converts us into passive beings..The more it hurts, the more we cling to it..Emerging from heartfelt emotion is not easy..It takes a lot of persistence to break the mould..Be stubborn and take over the reins..When we are not in charge, things keep on happening at their own- implying law of attraction..But when we choose to be on the right track..Things are ought to move in desired direction..So head out determinedly and produce efficacious results..

Keep Striving

Either fate reigns or I reign.. When we were born, the world was latent to us..we didn't know where have we landed..what type of people we would involve with..or what kind of circumstances we would be into..but now when we are aware, we can create a better world by choosing perseverance over fate..If we don't push ourselves, nothing would change..Inevitably, we would be stuck in a rut..Thus go through the labour pains through consciously changing thoughts and reactions..Take a new birth..and start afresh as an enlightened newborn baby..