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Inspire and get inspired

If we live loose then we are bound to lose from a person who is focused and meticulously moving ahead..We enter unarmoured in a battle..yet complain- why only me?.. Whether we sulk, sob or seethe..No emotional upheaval can change the result..The only thing which can escalate our chances of winning is 'Preparation'.. So prepare yourself emotionally, mentally and physically..Cautiously observe and reason out where are you lacking or making mistakes..The moment you start working on your weaknesses, you would be more self assured than ever..As far as learning is concerned, there are a hell of a lot of people all around the world to motivate..Choose your inspiration and inspire with your own success..

Waiting for a dream job?

Every job can be turned into a dream job..provided you do it sincerely and happily..If you wait for the best opportunity, then the wait would be eternal..Because there is no best time..Good or bad times are only our own mind games..If somebody is hellbent on soaring..nothing can plummet him or her..You have to start from wherever you are, whatever the situation is..This is your battlefield..and you have been provided with certain tasks and circumstances..When you prove that you deserve better than what you have got..Then only the next level starts..A better window opens..

Born Different

It's perfectly all right to be naive and ordinary in an aggressive and ostentatious world..because everybody cannot be an assertive go getter..Everyone does things at his or her own pace..and that certainly doesn't make anyone superior or inferior. If people are surpassing you or brushing you off.. Don't consider..It's just a passing phase..In any case no other person can decide your worth, it comes from within..Always remember that no one is born with skills..Keen aspirants can learn and achieve anything..

Deserve better people

There's good and bad in everyone..It depends on us which side we bump into..Therefore so much insistence on changing oneself..So consolidate positive thoughts and determine reciprocal actions..