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It's your fate..

Gravity pulls everything down but a teeny-weeny seed or sapling is never perturbed by it..Despite the size, it keeps defying one of the biggest force in the universe in it's full capacity..and continue to grow against gravity till it's transformed into a fully fledged tree..similarly we are also here to realize our full potential against all odds..It's our fate..That's the reason, when we are unable to achieve something, we suffer immensely..It may seem impossible to swim against the tide but whoever does it, makes a mark..Giving up is like flouting our own destiny..

Worth keeping forever

Any relationship which matters to you, consciously make that experience so good, that both of you grow in it but never outgrow..Our world may be crowded with 7.6 billion people, but you can count those on the fingers of one hand, who can feel your pain or genuinely be happy for your happiness..Value them immensely..Leave petty issues and don't choke the other person with constant expectations and possessiveness..If you give them required space, they will keep coming back to you..because everyone yearn for contentment, comfort and comprehension in a relationship..Time together with your loved ones is a privilege..Don't take it for granted..Let altruism flow both ways..