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Born Different

It's perfectly all right to be naive and ordinary in an aggressive and ostentatious world..because everybody cannot be an assertive go getter..Everyone does things at his or her own pace..and that certainly doesn't make anyone superior or inferior. If people are surpassing you or brushing you off.. Don't consider..It's just a passing phase..In any case no other person can decide your worth, it comes from within..Always remember that no one is born with skills..Keen aspirants can learn and achieve anything..
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Deserve better people

There's good and bad in everyone..It depends on us which side we bump into..Therefore so much insistence on changing oneself..So consolidate positive thoughts and determine reciprocal actions..

Live life the way it should be

Either get what you want from life or live the way it should be. Who knows that in the self process improvement, innermost yearnings of the heart would be fulfilled.

Nothing can deny..

All the bruises and pain lead to goodness of life. Because suffering comes with the craving for well-being.

Miracle Brain

To unleash the Mind Power, conceive an aspiration and leave rest to the self-start mechanism of the brain. In no time it will begin facilitating everything required. The onus is on you to manifest endurance and not to change the direction of your thoughts. It can bring forth anything desired. +anshupriya prasad

'Inconvenient Truth'

Inconveniences are high-yielding, if you are willing to bring about changes close to your heart. So enjoy perseverance till you succeed. +anshupriya prasad

'What's in those eyes'

Your eyes are reservoir of what I have been longing all my life. Parting is like a sacrilege. +anshupriya prasad