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Own your Life

It's your making..Love it exhaustively..Good or bad, whatever comes yours..Own it..'What we experience' makes us 'who we are'..The uniqueness of our experiences push us to explore various dimensions of life distinctively..Regardless of how differently one perceives, responds and acts in the exact same one is inferior or superior..We are equals..Navigating at our own pace..So enjoy being exceptional in diversity..

Speak up for yourself

Have you ever been caught up in a situation like - I work hard, yet don't get desired increment..I am sincere about my assignments but somebody else gets the promotion..I keep waiting for the dream job but never get an offer..It's easy to sulk over these things but I would suggest a thorough introspection..Key to success lies in confidence and networking..Confidence comes from skills..If you know your trade well enough then nobody can surpass you..Keep enhancing your abilities by learning new things, generating original ideas and taking up additional challenges..Each time strive hard to work better than before..This will take care of the confidence part..Now networking- In our glitzy world one is supposed to showcase his or her achievements in correspondence with proving everyday at work..If you don't apprise people about your work then who will?..Speak up for yourself..In case you have never done it before..never mind..Start doing it now..

Soar as much as you can..

Life can be lived to it's full potential at any age, whenever one can realize it..It's never too early or never too late..We are required to go through certain kind of experiences before we jump into a new beginning..It gives us an insight to handle upcoming situations more efficiently..There is no limit..The only boundary is in our mind..If we can drop all the inhibition about our self then we can soar up to any level, even beyond our 5 senses perception..