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दर्द भरा नूर..

मोहब्बत करने वाले रोज़ थोड़ा-थोड़ा मरा करते हैं..क्योंकि किसी और को अपना हिस्सा बनाने के लिए खुद को मिटाना पड़ता है..तभी दूसरे के लिए जगह बनती है..अपना वजूद जितना मिटेगा, उतना ही प्यार बढ़ता चला जाएगा..ज़रूरी नहीं है कि जितनी प्रीत आप कर सकते हो, उतनी वापस भी मिल जाए..क्योंकि प्रेम तो केवल वही निभा सकते हैं जिन्हें दर्द के नूर में तप-तप कर संवरना आता है..प्रेमी अगर मिल जाएं तो 'राधा-कृष्ण'..और ना मिल पाएं तो 'मीरा-कृष्ण'..

खुशियों की तैयारी..

अपने आप से बात करते समय, बेहद सावधानी बरतें..क्योंकि हमारा आगे आने वाला वक्त काफी हद तक, इस बात पर निर्भर करता है कि हम क्या सोचते हैं..या फिर खुद से कैसी बातें करते हैं..हमारे साथ कोई भी बात, होती तो एक बार है, लेकिन हम लगातार उसी के बारे में सोचते रहते हैं..और मन ही मन, उन्ही पलों को, हर समय जीते रहते हैं जिनसे हमें चोट पहुंचती है..बार-बार ऐसी बातों को याद करने से, हमारा दिल इतना छलनी हो जाता है कि सारा आत्मविश्वास, रिस-रिस कर बह जाता है..फिर हमें कोई भी काम करने में डर लगता है..भरोसा ही नहीं होता कि हम कुछ, कर भी पाएंगे या नहीं..तरह-तरह की आशंकाएं सताने लगती हैं..इन सबका नतीजा ये होता है कि अगर कोई अनहोनी, नहीं भी होने वाली होती है, तो वो होने लगती है..गलत बातें सोच-सोच कर, हम अपने ही दुर्भाग्य पर मोहर लगा देते हैं..इसलिए वही सोचो, जो आप भविष्य में होते हुए देखना चाहते हो..वैसे भी न्यौता, सुख को दिया जाता है..दुख को नहीं..तो फिर तैयारी भी खुशियों की ही करनी चाहिए..

एक बार जो कमिटमेंट कर दी..

हम सपने देखने से डरते हैं..उनके बारे में बात करने में संकोच करते हैं..घबराते हैं कि अगर किसी को पता चल गया तो हमारा मज़ाक उड़ेगा..लोग कहेंगे कि आता-जाता तो कुछ नहीं है लेकिन ख्वाब तो राजा-रानियों वाले हैं..सच तो ये है कि हम दूसरों से नहीं बल्कि अपने आप से शरमाते हैं..खुद से कमिटमेंट करने में डरते हैं..अब लोगों का क्या है..उन्हे तो कुछ ना कुछ कहना ही है..सपने देखोगे, तब भी बोलेंगे और नहीं देखोगे, तब भी ताने मारेंगे कि ये तो किसी लायक नहीं है..इसलिए सपने ज़रूर देखो..अपनी ताकत से ज्यादा और खूब सारे देखो..फिर अपने आपको उनमें झोंक दो..सलमान ख़ान का ये डायलॉग तो सुना ही होगा कि-"एक बार जो मैंने कमिटमेंट कर दी..उसके बाद तो मैं खुद की भी नहीं सुनता"..ऐसी ही कमिटमेंट खुद से करो..अपनी तरक्की के लिए..उन्नति के लिए..अपने और अपनों के सपने साकार करने के लिए..और फिर जब तक मंज़िल पर नहीं पहुंचो तब तक खुद की भी नहीं सुनो..

Hacking Success

Success is a false notion..Nobody can tell, how successful you are..There is no parameter..There may be some set social norms, but is there anything universal, which can be labelled as 'true success'?..Generally we don't hanker after same things..Everyone's aspiration is different..You choose where to be..Every time when we achieve something, we desire for more..Hence, the idea of success keeps slipping away throughout the journey..One may be having the best of jobs, partners or wealth, but that doesn't necessarily makes anyone the most successful person..because in spite of possessing best of things, one may not be joyful and satisfied..
           Success comes from within..It depends on how you live day by day..Are you grateful and happy to be alive or are you complaining all the time?..Do you see yourself learning and growing every day or are you slam dancing to fate's tune?..Only you know how successful you are..Always keep that judgement to y…

A little more than usual

Living an extraordinary life, doesn't always mean earning a lot of money or being unmistakably famous..It means, whatever you do, do a little extra..a little more love..a little more resilience..a little more perfection..Every year..every day..we progress bit by bit..When someone empowers dreams by efforts, everything automatically falls into the right place..Maybe success is not necessarily bestowed on us by birth..but in our pursuit of perfection, we categorically make everything excellent and worthy..

Now is your chance..

We may have been born with different capabilities..and some people may outshine others, depending on their innate abilities and circumstances..but when we are out on the field, it's our opportunity to play with full involvement..and excel in the game through practice, patience and passion..Everyone is gifted with free will and distinctive tendencies..It's our prerogative, whether we wish to be trapped in..or grow out of our classical conditioning..Process is tough and time taking..people may willingly or unwillingly procrastinate and accept, whatever is happening to them..but when we persistently strive, life changes 180 degrees for sure..

It's your fate..

Gravity pulls everything down but a teeny-weeny seed or sapling is never perturbed by it..Despite the size, it keeps defying one of the biggest force in the universe in it's full capacity..and continue to grow against gravity till it's transformed into a fully fledged tree..similarly we are also here to realize our full potential against all odds..It's our fate..That's the reason, when we are unable to achieve something, we suffer immensely..It may seem impossible to swim against the tide but whoever does it, makes a mark..Giving up is like flouting our own destiny..

Worth keeping forever

Any relationship which matters to you, consciously make that experience so good, that both of you grow in it but never outgrow..Our world may be crowded with 7.6 billion people, but you can count those on the fingers of one hand, who can feel your pain or genuinely be happy for your happiness..Value them immensely..Leave petty issues and don't choke the other person with constant expectations and possessiveness..If you give them required space, they will keep coming back to you..because everyone yearn for contentment, comfort and comprehension in a relationship..Time together with your loved ones is a privilege..Don't take it for granted..Let altruism flow both ways..

Take one more step

Rise from the ashes like a phoenix..Embrace life, whenever you are knocked down..Our soul is not contained within the limits of our body, our body is contained into the limitlessness of our soul..Big possibilities only open up, when the small burns down..Every perforation leads to separation into strong individuals..Whenever there is an urge to give up, take one more step..Believe in yourself and success would be at your Nelson Mandela said, "It always seems impossible until it's done"..Fix your eyes on the goal and enjoy your journey to success, its more glorious and spectacular than the destination itself..

In pursuit of pain

Transform your pain into a possibility..Turn the suffering into power..If you intend, all the tears, traumas and troubles can make you do things which aren't possible otherwise..It's good to have some kind of lacuna in our lives..It means that we have an empty space, which can be filled with bright colours..When we are not satisfied with our present, we are restless, confused and miserable..It compels us to explore in different directions..and we find ourselves on a road less traveled..If we keep striving, new significant gateways start opening up..Things which we have never imagined for ourselves, become possible at this moment..Intensity of our feelings and restlessness accelerate our growth magnificently..Therefore, metamorphose every problem, struggle, or unhappiness into a stepping stone because pain is a real blessing in disguise..

Fix it up..

Big dreams are tormenting..They will crush, crumble and confine you to ruin..if you dare to forsake them..they can infect your mind with a pervasive and excruciating bitterness, which you would be complaining all your life with a cankered, shameful remorse..Don't let it happen..Elevate yourself to a level, from where you can achieve them..because big dreams demand better abilities..Had you had those kind of capabilities, you would have already realized it by now..Since, you are unable to attain your aspirations, it means that something is lacking..Fix it up..Stay determined..and everything will start moving towards your goal..Always remember the most efficient rule of the thumb-"if you can see it, you can do it too"..

Shine like never before

We have all the capabilities within's just a matter of realisation and practice..Some people manifest themselves early..some take time..and rest of them never hear their own inner voices..Listen to the whispers of your latent abilities and qualities..It's about time to set them free..Let them flow out of you..World is eagerly waiting for your transformation..So rise above everything which are pulling you down and shine like never before..

Where was she last night?

Her blood curdled in her veins, when she saw the chair, she was sitting on barely a minute ago, converted into a flying hairy legged vampire bat. Horror struck and almost dead with her eyes open, she somehow managed to step back on the spur of the moment. At that point she witnessed her bed converting into a deep muddy pit filled with millions of slimy creepy crawlies and spooky cockroaches, her heart practically pounded out of her chest. Just then he entered the room with a smile on his face..

Challenge yourself..

Dare to dream again and again..Success is as simple as this..If somebody can see it..then he or she can definitely achieve it.. Most of the time we are unable to visualize things beyond our present potential..We tend to block our good luck either by inaction or apprehension..But the fact is that we would never be able to know our own potential till we don't challenge ourselves..So keep competing with yourself..everything else would start to fall into it's rightful place..

Get Lucky..

One should search for his or her good luck in every given situation..If you do something repeatedly for a considerable amount of time, you become good at it..because practice makes perfect..So to find good luck..practice happiness, love and empathy over sadness, jealousy and complaining..and try to see the positive side of every situation..When you choose things starts happening automatically..and you will never have to go through bad luck again..

Be your Desire

When a desire grows bigger than you..When the inner most dream becomes the holy grail..and tunnel vision is focused on the goal..That's the time when you are one with your desire..If you can hold on to this and strive..nothing can stop you from achieving anything..So be your desire..Dissolve in it completely..

No, you aren't selfish..

Don't feel guilty..It's not selfish to concentrate on your own personal growth..cause everyone starts with self..If people around you aren't willing to look beyond the rut..then someone has to initiate..So, never hesitate to stand apart..When you strive to become somebody from nobody..It stimulates ripple effect..Therefore, keep working on yourself..and give others a constructive reason to change their mindset..

Never give up on your dreams

Superheroes are fictitious..Extraordinary people are passe..only ordinary people with extraordinary dreams are real..No one is more attractive than a man or woman who is trying to prove his or her mettle..When you struggle to achieve something that seems impossible at that point of time, you become a powerhouse..which ignite fire in every heart..It's quite astonishing to see that in your quest for self realization you connect with so many like minded people who are willing to help directly or indirectly..Sequentially you also start reaching out..So never ever give up on your dreams..Together we can surely brighten up our lives..Happy and compassionate 2018 to everyone..